Guillermo Gutierrez
Through May 7, 2017

Guillermo “Memo” Gutierrez
Mexican American (born 1986, El Paso, TX)
Krag, 2017
Assemblage of found objects
9 x 8 x1.5 feet
Courtesy of artist

LabEPMA provides emerging regional artists an opportunity to exhibit one work of art in any media accompanied by a 30-minute discussion of their work. There are four exhibits per year, and the work is exhibited for a three-month period. This special program is tailored to highlight the work of area artists, promote creative production, and provide a platform for contemporary discussion. Artists interested in being featured in LabEPMA are encouraged to contact Christian Gerstheimer, Curator, at (915) 212-3059.

Guillermo Gutierrez is the first artist to be selected for exhibition in the El Paso Museum of Art’s LabEPMA Program through a collaboration with the University of Texas at El Paso’s Department of Art. A committee of university faculty recommended a short list of promising artists to EPMA and Gutierrez was unanimously selected. Gutierrez’s portfolio of sculptures, constructed from refuse from an illegal El Paso dump, impressed the curators with their monumentality and combination of abstract, figurative, and totem-like qualities. For his new work on view at EPMA, the artist adapted his practice for the museum space by utilizing his materials in new ways. His solution was to fashion his own square looms for attaching his found objects, and then to assemble an overall metal framework to support the ensemble. Gutierrez’s process involves numerous trips to an El Paso deserted dumpsite, which the artist named Krag, after its location on Krag Street. At the dump, Gutierrez wanders through an almost endless assortment of abandoned debris in search of his materials. When describing his process to create Krag, Gutierrez explains: “Amongst all this death and abandonment, I am enchanted and enthralled by my encounters with the land and the monumental heaps of waste that litter it. Certain aspects of the work are bleak and haunting, whereas other parts are very playful.” Mr. Gutierrez will receive his BFA degree with a double concentration in Ceramics and Sculpture in May 2017.

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Leticia Luevanos
May 13 – August 6, 2017
(with public presentation by the artist May 18, 2017 at 5:30 PM)

Leticia Luevanos has for many years explored abstraction, pattern, and the use of color in her artwork. After earning her Master of Fine Arts degree in painting in 2010 from Rutgers University, Luevanos began to reference her Mexican heritage through her abstract paintings. In 2015 Luevanos’s artwork changed significantly when she received an Artist Incubator Grant from the City of El Paso’s Museums and Cultural Affairs Department. Luevanos’s grant allowed her to expand her practice to the third dimension in the form of colored clay mosaics. Mandala-like in form, Luevanos’s LabEPMA ceramic wall relief continues her Undulating Rhythms series, which experiments with scale, evokes multiple botanic and other living forms, and pushes further into sculptural space than her previous ceramics.

Abel Saucedo
August 10 – November 5, 2017
(with public presentation by the artist August 24, 2017 at 5:30 PM)

Abel Saucedo is an El Paso artist born in 1984. In 2009 he garnered international media attention when he exhibited a controversial series of piñatas depicting decapitated, cartoonish heads with gunshot wounds, referencing the on-going drug-related violence in Ciudad Juárez. Saucedo’s Tunnel Runner, a new work created for LabEPMA, comments on the extreme vetting in contemporary politics that controls the freedom of mobility of millions of refugees seeking survival and a better life. Saucedo’s mixed-media assemblage utilizes actual shoe store display racks combined with collected footwear of immigrants who have crossed into the United States through the Mexican border. Saucedo depicts everyday situations to speak out about social, cultural, and political issues surrounding the binational border experience.