Ethics, Excess and Extinction
January 26, 2018 – May 13, 2018 
Woody and Gayle Hunt Family Gallery
Members' Preview Thursday, January 25, 5:30 PM

Nick Brandt (English, b. 1964)
Line of Rangers with Tusks of Killed Elephants, Amboseli, 2011
Archival pigment print
Courtesy of Art Works for Change for the Ethics, Excess and Extinction exhibition

Featuring compelling recent work by an international array of artists, Ethics, Excess and Extinction explores the crucial theme of endangered animal species and humanity’s connections and responsibilities to these animals. Together with a dozen American and British artists specializing in diverse media such as photography, video, sculpture, and installation, the exhibition includes work from Venezuela, Switzerland, and Germany. Works range in mood from poetic and philosophical to guttural and humorous, as the artists variously examine humans’ psychological relationships with animals, the evils of poaching, consumerism and factory farming, as well as physical and spiritual loss through ecological destruction.

For some of the artists, such as the American photographer Chris Jordan, ecological themes are central to their practice, while others have recently embraced this timely subject. For instance, in three large jacquard tapestries created from 2011 to 2015, the German-born New York artist Kiki Smith, best known for her explorations of gender, metaphorically studies the human condition in relation to nature. Humor is present in works such as Gale Hart’s paintings utilizing classic Disney characters in narratives of animal exploitation, or Rohan Chhabra’s elegant hunting jackets that deconstruct into the animal being hunted. In the work of Billie Grace Lynn—three white elephants in the room—humor combines with poetry and emotion, whereby the inflatable sculptures stand as a monumental physical pun and poignantly suggest loss through their ghostly forms. Ultimately, the artworks in Ethics, Excess and Extinction not only highlight the plight of endangered and suffering animals, but they also connect us back to our human selves and our symbiotic and spiritual relation with nature.  

Papel Chicano Dos: Works on Paper from the Collection of Cheech Marin
February 16, 2018 - June 17, 2018
Dede Rogers Special Events Gallery
Members' Preview Thursday, February 15, 5:30 PM

CiCi Seguara Gonzalez
Soy Chicana, 2013
Mixed media on gessoed paper
Collection of Cheech Marin

The third traveling exhibition from major Chicano art collector Cheech Marin, Papel Chicano Dos features 65 works on paper by 24 established and evolving artists. Watercolors, pastels, aquatints, and mixed-media artworks signify the evolution of a collection as they also reimagine the ideas and struggles of the Chicano movement. Diverse, colorful, and iconic, the artworks in Papel Chicano Dos showcase practices ranging from the realism of Texas artists Gaspar Enriquez and Vincent Valdez to the expressionism of Californians Sonya Fe and Frank Romero. Prominent Chicano artists Diane Gamboa, Leo Limón, and Glugio “Gronk” Nicondra, and artists selected by Marin for the exhibition such as Carlos Almaraz and Carlos Donjuan bring a multifaceted view of the Chicano experience as well as present social issues relevant to all communities. Utilizing unique and traditional practices of portraiture, and varied viewpoints incorporating urban culture and images from a range of historical sources, these artists move Chicano art from marginalized to mainstream.

The Empire of Texas
March 2, 2018 – June 24, 2018
Peter and Margaret de Wetter Gallery
Members' Preview Thursday, March 1, 5:30 PM

Richard Baron
Coupe de Ville Houston, 2016
Archival inkjet print
Courtesy of the artist

Over the past year El Paso photographer Richard Baron has been roaming the big state of Texas in a project that captures its elevated highways, monumental road signs, abandoned storefronts, drive-in movie screens, and other landscape features in iconic black-and-white photographs.

Transborder Biennial 2018 / Bienal Transfronteriza 2018
June 1, 2018 – September 2, 2018
Woody and Gayle Hunt Family Gallery
Members' Preview Thursday, May 31, 5:30 PM

EPMA’s biennial with the Museo de Arte de Ciudad Juárez is unique among world biennials by highlighting the work of Mexican and American artists who live and work two hundred miles north and south of the entire US-Mexico border. In honor of this being the fifth collaborative biennial, artists will be asked to explore transborder experiences in their work.

Early West Texas Art 1853-1960 
June 22, 2018 – October 28, 2018
Dede Rogers Special Events Gallery
Members' Preview Thursday, June 21, 5:30 PM

From the earliest depictions of Paso del Norte by Henry Cheever-Pratt and Leon Trousset, to the 20th-century landscapes of the Purple Mountain painters, the far West Texas desert landscape has been a source of inspiration. This exhibition also includes bold portraits by artists such as Jose Cisneros, Tom Lea, and Woody Crumbo. Modernist works by artists such as Hari Kidd and Mago Gándara demonstrate the ongoing exchange of ideas in this region where two nations meet. Composed primarily of work from the El Paso Museum of Art and local collections, the exhibition will also include significant loans.