Teacher Resources

Pre & Post Museum Visit art activities available for Teacher download

Before a scheduled tour, teachers can now download information on specific works of art in the EPMA collection, with additional information on the artist, techniques, vocabulary, visual aids, and handouts included in PDF format.

These activities are created to be at a 4th grade TEKS level, and trained staff and volunteers are available to give class tours to correspond to particular works of art represented in these activities.

Animating the Kress Collection

Through generous grants from the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Kress Foundation, the EPMA is working with videographers to animate 17 paintings from the Kress Collection. Each video examines one painting in depth--discussing history, technique, and close observations. Use these videos in your classroom as an introduction to looking at art and to the Museum. Videos can be viewed on YouTube and Vimeo.

Bernardo Bellotto's Entrance to a Palace-Vimeo

Bernardo Bellotto's Entrance to a Palace-YouTube